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Introduction to Sociology

The Sociology is one of the youngest branches of human knowledge, since it has only about a century of existence and it was Augusta Comte and Emile Durkheim who gave it life as a general science the first and as a segment of the sciences of education the second, even when we know that the practice of living in society is as old as the very existence of men.

The Sociology of Education is based on various reasons to form a set among which are that the life of man, since its inception, is and is not conceived outside of society, the existence of two people They already mark the minimum requirements for society. And sociology is responsible precisely for the study of the structure, functioning and development of society.

Definition and Object of Study of the Sociology:

The sociology of education is a discipline that uses the concepts, models and theories of sociology to understand education in its social dimension. It has been cultivated by sociologists who have had a growing interest in education and by the pedagogues who have gone from resorting almost exclusively to psychology, to a balance between it and sociology.

The Objective of Studying Sociology

In order to answer this question, we will have to make a revision from the origins to the present day. So, we will start with the precursors: Claude Saint-Simon and Auguste Comte.

Mile Durkheim, one of the fathers of sociology, is considered the initiator of the discipline with his works Education and sociology, Education: his nature, his role and pedagogical evolution in France, published after his death in 1917. The Marquis Saint Simon's is an important point of connection between the old regime and modernity. His thinking will lay the foundations of sociology since it will have a great influence on Marx, Comte and Durkheim.

Saint Simon believed that the positive method had to be applied to solve the problems of the new industrial society. These ideas were later developed by Comte, who was the first to call it sociology.

Comte had an evolutionary vision, in the sense that social phenomena go through a series of stages of improvement. There were, for Comte, three stages that were theological, metaphysical and positive. With regard to education, he poses the first sociological theory with which he says that the educational system is what will bring us habits of thought and behavior.

For Marx, society is constituted by a need of man to enter into a relationship for his own needs, so that the origin of the social is in production. Marx's theory of classes is based on his historical materialism. It makes a social comparison between society and production relations. His sociology is that of change; at the same time that productive forces are developed, they enter into contradiction with the relations of production, reaching the social revolution. Emile Durkheim is one of the founders of the sociology of education. Develop character positive of modern sociology, and establishes that the object of sociology is the study of social facts. It constituted a good base for the later development of American structural- functionalism. His vision of society is globalized because of the importance of collective norms and values. Transforms faith in progress and an evolutionary ideal based on the theory of the three stages of Comte.

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