ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is defined as an infrastructure and components used for enabling the modern computing. Typically, it refers to all the technologies utilized for handling the broadcast media, telecommunications, transmission systems and network-based control and monitoring functions. ICT has contributed immensely to economic and social improvements like higher productivity and employment, increasing access to the accurate quality of life. It incorporates electronic techniques and technologies utilized for managing the knowledge and information, involving information handling tools that are utilized for generating, processing, storing, exchanging and distributing the information.

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ICT offers various benefits to users as mentioned below:

  • Improve and streamline the business management
  • Easy to reach the customers by companies
  • Easy communication with others
  • Increase the engagement
  • Helps in reduction of poverty

Along with all these benefits offered by ICT, it also has some issues as discussed below:

  • High implementation cost

First of all, cost of implementing ICT is very high due to which it is very hard for every company or business to deploy ICT for their various operations and processes. So, high implementation cost of ICT is a major issue as an individual need to spend a huge cost for deploying ICT.

  • Lack of IT skills

In case of lack of IT skills among an individual, it is difficult to use ICT and attain competitive advantages from it. Along with this, the management and control of ICT is also very difficult for the people having less knowledge of IT (Information Technology).

  • Improper Management

In order to handle ICT based systems, there is a need of proper management by technical and expert staff. Due to improper management of ICT based systems or solutions, the performance related issues can be caused. Apart from this, the company also requires to spend high cost for hiring a team of IT experts for the management of ICT based system, which is another major issue found with ICT.

  • Security

With ICT based system, security is a major issue as the hacker or intruder can attack the system as well as get access to it for performing different illegal tasks. For the management of security in ICT, there is an essential requirement of implementing security mechanisms so that it could be easy to protect the entire system from different security issues in a proper manner.

  • Privacy

In ICT, an individual must share the personal and sensitive information. Any attack or unauthorized access to the system can cause several types of security issues such as loss of personal data, lack of control, leakage of sensitive data etc. So, it is very important to manage the privacy of an individual to keep the confidentiality maintained in all manners.

  • Connectivity challenges

In order to use ICT-based systems, there is a need of appropriate internet connectivity always. Due to lack of internet connection, it is impossible to access the services from the system, which is one of the major issues of ICT. So, proper internet connectivity from best service provider is required to make the users able to access ICT services in appropriate manner.

  • Lack of experienced technical staff

In non-technical companies, the lack of experienced technical staff is a major issue, which can also make it hard to manage the entire system appropriately. So, there is a major requirement of experienced technical staff for the management of ICT-based systems in the organization. The non-technical companies must hire IT professionals for managing their systems so that no issue can be found.

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