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Internet of Things is a new wave of connectivity and is a new concept which is now trending in social networks as well as media. Internet of Things (IOT) refers to all those devices or objects of everyday which are connected to the Internet and acquires some type of intelligence. IOT allows different objects to communicate with and carry out certain function or task. As per the research and technology, it has been expected that the connectivity with the devices to the IOT will increase by 39% in coming years. This figure shows an increase of more than 500 million devices as compared to the previous years.

In addition to this, as per the survey of the KRC Research in US, Germany, Japan and UK, the early adopters of Internet of Things have revealed the devices which are most likely to be adopted by the customers to use in the coming years. Smart appliances such as smart refrigerator, thermostats are some of the devices which are soon to be used by the people and change the way of operating similar devices.

  • Smart Home

The most searched feature of IOT on google is Smart Home as it has become a revolutionary advancement made in the residential spaces. Smart Home products are promised to save money, energy and time and with the smart home, organizations such as Ecobee, Nest etc. will become household brands. For making buildings more competitive and efficient, digitation of the homes plays significant role. The information and data are transmitted constantly once a building has been digitized, and the information is transmitted related to the operations of the disciplines integrated in a building. Such as the intelligent management platforms used by users for managing devices directly from the mobiles or the environment of their office as per their requirements. Perhaps most importantly, Internet of Things also allow people to track their pets or children at home.

  • Business

Internet of Things is also helping businesses to optimize in several ways. Signals obtained from the smartphones of the shoppers are also used in some stores for tracking their behavior in-store and collaborating it with their online information for acquiring mot in-depth customer profiles. The retailers through the applications can use the data or delivering special promotional materials or coupons to the customer’ smart phone at specific place and time. Internet of Things equipment sensors are being deployed for monitoring machines and notifying business of errors which are required to be repaired. Several cameras, sensors, and lasers can be deployed for monitoring the materials’ manufacturing process for ensuring high quality.

  • Pollution and Waste Management

Internet of Things technologies are considered to be great way for monitoring pollution and identifying new ways for reducing waste. Presently, AirQualityEgg.com provides a device for monitoring the quality of the air in external environment of the home or office. The online data is aggregated for providing regional and metropolitan data. After this the analysis is performed for measuring the ways urban pollution policies are affecting particular region. Apart from this, WaterBee.eu is smart irrigation system which helps golf courses, and other enterprises to conserve water by conducting proper monitoring of soil from different land plots and adjusting levels of water use.

  • Health and Exercise

Wristbands and smartwatches are wearable techs which have been used by people which provides personalized data regarding their fitness activities and health. Pedometer is also used by people which is also considered as smart watch for tracking the calories burned, heart rate etc. There are several smartphone applications which can be used for monitoring glucose levels for diabetics and other data related to health. Fitness tracker helps in tracking the IOT devices being connected to the internet helps the person to stay fit. Fitness tracker helps in tracking daily activities like sleeping patterns, workout statistics etc.

  • Transportation

AT&T has added near about 2.1 million new wireless lines for manufacturing automobiles. BMW, GM and others have collaborated with AT&T for enabling LTE technology in their vehicles for revolutionizing the way people travel. LTE enabled cars helps in providing real-time vehicle diagnostics, real-time information and more. Drivers will be able to access the street elements while driving for analyzing traffic patterns and making choices which reduces traffic jams. Therefore, the LTE enabled cars is one of the ways Internet of things is affecting transportation.

  • Agriculture

As per the current statistics obtained by the researchers, the ever-increasing world population will reach by 10 billion by 2050. For fulfilling the needs of such a massive population, there is need to implement certain technology in agricultural field for obtaining best results with respect to the ever-increasing demand of population. One of this agricultural technology being used is Smart Greenhouse. A greenhouse farming technique helps in enhancing the crops yield by controlling the environmental parameters. But, the manual handling of the processes results in energy loss, production loss and labor cost. On the other hand, the greenhouse embedded devices not only help in monitoring the crop yield, but also helps in controlling the climatic pressure as well. Different parameters are measured by the sensors as per the plan requirement which is then transferred to the cloud for further processing data and applying control action.

  • Industrial Automation

One of the industries, where the quality of products, as well as faster developments are considered as critical factors for high return on investment is Industrial Automation. With the Internet of Things application, the products can be re-engineered and packed for delivering better performance in both customer as well as cost. IOT can be implemented in packaging optimization, quality control, factor digitalization etc.

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