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It is in the interest of our students that we adhere to the strict and industry best and Top Notch professional ethics and morals by writing down the following privacy policy, we take the consent that you understand the same in true prospective.

1. All the information is confidential and is not disclosed to anyone outside or inside the organisation and the same is kept within the safe and authorized usage.

2. No information pertaining to any student is shared with any of the web analytical programs.

3. No sort of nay information is disclosed that is against the interest of any stakeholder.

4. We do not store any kind of information pertaining to the payments made on our plat form, however we cannot guarantee the same has third party payment gateways might store the same.

5. Only required and important information relating to the processing of the order such as name, contact number, e-mail id, bank details etc are stored and there is no unauthorized access to the same except who are authorized to do the same.

6. We always at our organisation tries to improve the relation with our stakeholder by improving our services by having their valuable feedback and suggestions. Also the student id, university login details are not shared with anyone and are kept confidential.

7. In case, you want to update any accounting information or personal information or profile related changes then kindly email us at info(at)assignmenthelpwebsite(dot)com

8. We at assignment help only provide sample papers that are strictly for the reference purpose of the student and we are not responsible for any kind of action taken against the student and expect from the student to use the same for his/her own help and not for final submission.

9. Privacy policy can be updated and change at any time without any prior notice.