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Our literature assignment writing services at Assignment Help Website are a cherished instrument to reinforce your scholastic or university objectives, while not having to relinquish the additional space of your way of life. Here at Assignment Help Website, we are fervent about delivering a variety of facilities that will offer you with literature assignment help in Australia.

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Did you ever have that moment when the literature assignment that you have been handed over a few weeks is suddenly due within two or three days’ period and you have not done anything on it? You have been told to write a piece of fiction or literature as part of a English assignment and you have no idea on how to do it.

We can help you in two ways. First, our experts know how you can do it and they are sharing this with you and the other way which is totally effortless is discussed at the end of this article. Let’s check out some keys to write fiction by Assignment writers and experts.

Keys to Writing Fiction

The first thing we would like to say is that we do not think there are genres, but rather there are stories. We believe that it is a mistake for someone to say: "I'm going to write a science fiction story for my literature assignment", since, from our point of view, what you have is a story that you want to tell, and this is the one that will demand one genre or another depending on its characteristics.

A fiction work in Literature assignment does not necessarily have to do with spaceships or planetary conflicts. There is science more intimate, simple and even human. An example of this would be a short novel.

1. Hard or soft fiction?

The first advice we can give you to write fiction is that you must be clear about how you are going to focus on it. Your treatment will depend on our knowledge, because if we are not scientists and we want to set our history in space (with all that that entails), the best thing will be to suspend the reader's disbelief and put the development of the plot before the likelihood of the same The reader will not mind that we are not rigorous as long as we do not pretend to be.

2. Time in fiction

Time, especially in fiction, will be very important when configuring our history. It seems that fiction always has to be located in the distant future, but we can set it in a prehuman past, speculated on the origin of our civilization or that of an alien species, or in the near future, reflecting on current issues such as climate change, the consequences of technology or, as we have exemplified above, the development of artificial intelligence or robotics.

3. Space in fiction

One of the characteristics of fiction is that it gives us total freedom when it comes to locating our history. Its speculative nature allows us to imagine planets, systems, galaxies and even universes and dimensions. Of course, we can set our history on Earth, which will make our work much easier since we will only have to project our society in time, but if we want to leave our planet, we can build a universe that suits us. What do we want to visit other planets? Well, why not forget about the Martian aspect and create jungles, deserts, steppes ...? And why not go further and try to abstract from the known to conceive something new? After all, if o0n Earth there are so many contrasts and ways of life, what cannot be out there?

4. Fiction inter-genre

Fiction, in the end, is nothing more than the disguise we put on our story. Your story can have romance, humor, drama ... only with certain elements that define and differentiate it. fiction, moreover, is not an absolute genre. If I build a horror story set within five years, will I be writing fiction? It will depend on the factual elements and the level of speculation that you include. Or it will depend, simply, on the opinion of each reader. What for one is fiction may not be for another, and vice versa. fiction does not necessarily have to be futuristic either. We can treat a budding civilization, evolutionarily backwards; write a western with laser guns instead of revolvers, or write a novel with subtle technological brushstrokes.

5. How to get inspiration?

All media are susceptible to play fiction to a greater or lesser extent. From literature to cinema through any form of art; comics, music, illustration and even urban art. Of course, we must take into account what kind of fiction we want to develop to go to the appropriate sources, however much we can get inspiration from everything we are able to internalize.

6. Fiction in the cinema

As we review the main literary works, this time I want to make a small film classification. If our writing tends towards hard fiction, we can find inspiration in films like 2001: a space odyssey (1968), by Kubrick. If, on the contrary, we are more seduced by space opera and planetary romance, sagas such as Star Wars perfectly exemplify the journey of the hero or the intrigues of a galactic empire. But do not forget that films like ET, the extraterrestrial (1982), Jurassic Park (1993) or Matrix (1999) are also fiction ... or not?

7. Characters in fiction

The characters are key when it comes to configuring our world, and fiction, like fantasy, allows us to invent different species belonging to other civilizations. Before creating our aliens, however, we will have to think about how they have evolved, what their social conventions are, what their relationship with humanity consists of ... and even how they communicate. Nobody assures us that alien species have mouth organs, a humanoid aspect or are physical beings like us. They may belong to another dimension, not be perceived through the senses, not have biochemistry based on carbon or not be biological at all.

Assignment Help Experts to Write Literature Assignment

The other way around is to assign the fiction writing or literature assignment to the ones who can do the best, who can make the most out of them for you.

You will not only be getting the complete work in time but also you will be getting the complete task in the stipulated time but also it will be carefully written taking all the consideration in mind. So, do not waste your time and come to the fore for taking the online literature assignment help from Assignment Help Website.