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Guide: IEEE Referencing Style

The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is actually a professional organization that supports various divisions of engineering, computer science, and information technology. Apart from adding journals, magazines and conference measures, IEEE also prepares standards for a large range of industries.

The IEEE citation style involves the in-text citations, numbered in the square brackets, that refer to the complete citation that is listed in the reference list at the end of the paper. The reference list is organized in numerical order and not in the alphabetical order.


In-Text Citing:

In this case, it is definitely not necessary to add the name of the author, the number of pages used or the date on which it was published in the in-text citation. Instead, it is better to consider the source with the number in the square bracket. Example, [1], this will further link to the full citation in the reference list.

Position the bracketed citations within the line of text, before the use of any punctuation with space before the initial bracket.

Keep on numbering the sources while citing them in the paper. Once you have referred to a source and provided it with a number, keep on using that number at the time of citing that particular source all through the assignment.

At the time of citing multiple sources at once, the chosen method means to list every number separately in its own brackets, either using a dash or a comma in between the numbers. Say for instance: [1], [3] or [1]- [3].

Creating a Reference List:

The reference list comes at the end of the assignment once you have completed your assignment and includes full citations for all the references that have been used in the assignment. All the references are written in numerical order at the time of citing it in the assignment. It further includes the bracketed number at the start of every reference.

  • Title your list as ‘REFERENCES’. It may either be center aligned or aligned at the left side of the paper.
  • Make an indent for every reference within the brackets at the left side of the sheet. This will help you highlight the sequence in which you have written the references.
  • The name of the author is listed as the first initial and the last name.
  • List the title of the article in the quotation marks.
  • The title of the journal or the book is listed in the italics.


Citing a Book


[Ref Number] Initials of the Author. Surname, Title of the Book, Edition. Publication Place: Name of the Publisher, Year of Publishing.

[3] I.A David and S.M Grant, Digital Communications, 3rd Edition. Harlow: Prentice Hall, 2009.

Citing a Book Chapter


[Ref number] Author’s initials. The surname of Author, “Title of a chapter in the book”, in Book Title, edition, Editors’ initials. The surname of the editor, Ed. Publication place: publisher, year, number of pages.


[1] C.K. Li and G.S. Wang, “manufacturing techniques for devices”, in Mems for Applications, S. Bhansali, Eds. Cambridge: Woodhead, 2011, pp. 192-201.

Citing a Journal Article


[Ref number] Author’s initials. The surname of the author, “Title of article”, Title of the journal, volume, issue number, number of pages, month year.

[4] F. Yan, Y. Gu, Y. Wang, C. M. Wang, X. Y. Hu, H. X. Peng, et al., "Study on the interaction mechanism between laser and rock during perforation," Optics and Laser Technology, vol. 54, pp. 303-308, Dec2013.

Citing a Conference Paper

Take a look at the basic format of how to cite a conference paper.


J.K Author, “Paper Title”, presented at the abbreviated name of conf., city of conf., abbrev. State, country, month and day, year, number of paper.


G.W Margo, “Limitation of short-circuits by HDVC links”, presented at the IEEE Power Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Jun. 12-17, 1991, Paper 70 CP 631.

Citing a Lecture

Below-given is the basic format of how to cite a lecture.


Name of the university. (year). Lecture Title. [Type of Medium]. Available at: URL.


DEF University. (2013). Information literacy and communication: Module 2 filing and organization. Available at:

Citing Reports

Here is a general format of how the reports are cited in IEEE referencing style.


J.K Author, “Title of Report”, Abbrev. Name of Company, City where it is located, Abbrev. State, Country, Rep. xxx, year.


M.N Brusberg and D.G David, “Absorption of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere”, Elect. Corp., Los Angeles, CA, USA. Sci. Rep. Nov. 1987.

Note: All the above-given formats are standard and the examples are just samples.