What Exactly is a PEEL Paragraph

What is Peel Paragraph?

A PEEL paragraph is a writing method that helps you write an effective and excellent essay. This method of writing can be used to teach students how to structure their essays. It allows them to write in a structured format and helps them to avoid any mistakes, or go out of topic, or add relevant data, etc. The essay they write will be sensible and more clear. Every student has to write an essay at least once or more than once in their lives.

Students usually just write things down and submit them. Due to this reason, they lose their marks. Well if have any trouble writing essays, you can take English assignment help. With its help, you can get good grades and quality content for your essay. However, you also use the PEEL paragraph technique to craft a good essay. Not only will it make an essay structured but it will also help in presenting it in a sensible and formal format.

Detail Explanation of PEEL Paragraph

PEEL paragraph is a great way to write an essay that is sensible and structured in a better way. PEEL is a short form for point, evidence, explain, and link. Each of this point is explained below:

• Point – Point is the main point of the paragraph. While starting with a paragraph, the writer must state his or her main point in the initial sentence of the paragraph itself. It will allow the reader to understand, what is the paragraph all about and where it will lead them to. Describing the main point in the first sentence also prepares the reader for what’s coming next. It is also known as a topic sentence. Keep it in consideration that your sentence should be related to the topic. The irrelevant point can make the readers uninterested in reading further. Hence, be careful to keep it related and relevant to keep your audience captivated.  

• Evidence – Shreds of evidence are required to support your opening statement. You can mention examination verdicts or statistics or facts and figures as evidence to support your argument. There are different types of evidence that can be used. You must use the one that best supports your paragraph and explains to the reader exactly what you want them to know. Evidence can be a research finding, facts, quotes, stats, physical, theoretical, etc. It is necessary to make the reader believe and resonate with your point of view. Searching for evidence can be hectic and can consume a lot of time. But your research thoroughly to provide the best evidence for your paragraph.

• Explain – Then, the next step is to explain the reader your main point and evidence you provided. Here you need to give details to your readers. Explain and how and why the evidence is backing up your argument. You can also provide an example of the same. You just have to justify the content and allow or compel your audience to connect to the essay.

If they are not able to connect to your essay, then they might not read it till the end. In this phase, you get a chance to demonstrate your essay writing skills and impress the readers. However, if you lack essay writing skills, then you can take assignment writing services to complete an impressive essay. Use a subtle language for explaining as it can help the readers understand it easily.

• Link – The next in PEEL paragraph writing is to link. Now, this can be difficult for the students to link the paragraphs. As a link must serve two purposes. One is that it should end the previous argument and the second one is to start or hint a new sentence. The linking sentence must provide a sensible conclusion or an ongoing argument. It should also link or lead one paragraph to another. Writing a link is complex and can be learned gradually, the students can practice writing it and slowly learn it. You can also search online or PEEL paragraph examples and according to that try on your own. It will surely help you to write an attractive essay.

The combination of the Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link is known as a PEEL paragraph as a whole. Learning it is not difficult only practice is the key to understand it and use it while writing. You can read an article or a blog or watch YouTube videos that explain this concept and how to use it while writing an essay. If you understood the essence of this concept, then you can also help others in writing this essay.

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