Say Goodbye to These 3 Mistakes in Literature Writing

Many students over the globe are pursuing their studies in a number of universities. Studying does not mean only clearing the exams. However, there are many other tasks as well that are considered as a part of the overall performance of the students. One such task is writing dissertations or literature review, which is considered as the most tedious task.

Thus, it is highly important for the students to know the common errors that must be avoided while preparing the literature review.

The extensively committed literature review errors can be categorized under three sections.

• Writing and Stylistic Issues
• Credibility/Validity Issues
• Issues with Literature Review Structure and Elements

1. Writing and Stylistic Issues

• Stating Personal Opinions in a Literature Review: Though this cannot be considered as an issue, this happens most often. It is suggested not to make use of personal opinions while writing the literature review. Keep in mind that a literature review should be a balanced presentation of the existing and the researched thought. Make sure that your literature review is totally objective and not at all subjective in nature.

• Making Use of Emotional Phrases: Always ensure that you are not using the emotional expressions as a part of the literature review. You must remember that the main aim of writing the literature review is an effective presentation of the current thoughts related to the research topic. In other words, this means that you only have to rely on the already available thoughts with regard to the topic of the research. AVOID EMOTIONS!

2. Credibility/Validity Issues

• Drafting a Narrowly-Aimed Literature Review: A number of students while preparing their literature reviews to focus on the general categories instead of aiming at the actual topic. Such an issue makes the literature review completely general that is not focusing directly on the question prompt of the literature review. This is one of the common reasons that they choose to avail assignment help.

Another thing you must keep in mind is to use the classroom notes only if they are relevant in terms of the research prompts. Try to add subheadings in the literature review to make it a highly relevant one.

• Considering Non-Scholarly Sources: You might have noticed that the students rely mostly on the opinion articles prepared by the professionals. They make a mistake of not searching for authoritative sources as they consider these sources arduous. However, this is not the right approach.

You must spend enough time to read the quality and authoritative sources despite the efforts you need to put in for the same. This will not only make your literature a compelling one but will also make it worth reading.

• Citing Only ‘Supportive’ Source: It is very common that one gets attracted to only those statements, which are in support of their own point of view. You need to understand that preparing citations for the dissenting statements will not weaken your argument but will help in strengthening it. If you are unable to make proper citations for the resources, simply take assignment help Sydney and get the right solutions.

3. Issues with Literature Review Structure and Elements

• Poor Organization and Structuring: This is one of the most committed mistake made by the students at the time of preparing your literature review. You must know that a poor structure of the literature review may lead the students to rewrite and restructure the written part of the literature review. Thus, it is recommended to make use of proper headings and subheadings in order to make the literature review an organized one. Working in such a manner contributes in making your write-up a highly logical and structured one.

• Absence of Background/Definition Section: This is another common issue that the students often come across while they are introducing the pre-literature review part. It is considered as one of the necessary sections as it provides proper background information, which is relevant in terms of the topic.

Avoiding all these issues will help you in writing the best literature review that is relevant in every aspect.

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