Avoid These 5 Slip-Ups in Academic Writing

Undoubtedly, nobody is perfect. This means that everyone has the tendency to make mistakes, especially the students who are still pursuing their academic qualification from various universities all over the globe. It is very important for students to know that academic writing is completely different from content writing. To get through academic writing tasks, the students need to follow a particular style of writing, sentence structuring method and required referencing style.

Here are some of the most common academic writing mistakes that the students tend to while writing assignments.

  1. Inappropriate Formatting

One of the major things that impacts the grades of the students is the incorrect formatting of the assignment. Of course, inappropriate formatting will not fail the student but at the same time, it won’t fetch them marks.

Thus, a great way of formatting the paper in the right manner is to first go through the guidelines provided by the university regarding the assignment. Doing this, the students will be clear as to which style guide to adopt. The style guide includes things like, the type of font, size of the font, line spacing, headings and referencing. APA, Chicago, and MLA are some of the most used referencing styles in academic writing.

  1. Improper Citations

The citations can either make or break the assignment. This is one of the most inflated mistakes that a student actually makes in the assignment writing tasks. If in any case, a student forgets to cite a source, there are chances that he/she may be blamed for plagiarism in the content. This may further lead to a student failing in that particular assignment.

Another way by which citations lead to failure is by citing the references according to the wrong citation method. Say for instance; citing a resource in APA style that had to be cited in MLA style. The best way to get through this kind of situation is by availing college assignment help from the professional writers who are highly experienced and hold Ph.D. and scholarly degrees.

  1. Making Use of Incorrect Information

Another mistake that the students tend to make in their assignment writing task is the use of incorrect information. Many students have the thinking that their professors don’t have enough time to review their assignments, thus, they end up writing anything just in order to cover the number of words. But, the students must know that only focusing on the word count won’t fetch them grades instead, their assignments need to be topic-specific as well.

A good way to get rid of such a situation is by taking help from the notes provided in the lectures. The library can also be a good option if the students want to find resources on a higher level.

  1. Plagiarism

One of the biggest and most impactful mistakes that the students commit while completing assignments is plagiarism. Plagiarism is actually the content that the students copy from any of the online sources and paste it under their names. There are many universities all over the world who consider plagiarism as a punishable offense. In case of identification of high levels of copied content, the higher authorities of educational institutions suspend the students for their wrong doings.

To get away with the biggest issue of plagiarism, an easy way is to make use of various plagiarism tools that are available online. With the help of any of these reliable tools, the students will get to know about the amount of content they have copied from web knowingly or unknowingly.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

In order to complete the assignments hurriedly, the students tend to make many spelling and grammar mistakes in their assignments. But, the students must be aware of the importance of completing the assignments that are free from all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. In many cases, even a single grammatical error may ruin the complete sense of the sentence.

An apt solution to get away with this is; first, proofreading the whole assignment once done and second, to make use of the online tool to correct all the major mistakes. Grammarly is one such reliable tool that will help the students get through such slip-ups.

All the aforementioned mistakes must be kept in mind by the students the next time they sit back to complete their academic assignments. The solutions provided should also be taken into account so as to avoid such careless mistakes. This will definitely help the students to score well in their assignments.

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