A Complete Guide to Write a Flawless Cover Letter

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter refers to a single-page letter that is included along with the job application. Don’t forget to add a cover letter until and unless it has been made clear by the organization itself.

What is the Purpose of Cover Letter?

Some of you might think, what is the benefit of including a cover letter? The answer to this is that, with the help of a cover letter you are able to introduce yourself to the organization, state all your interests and tell about why you consider yourself to be right for the vacancy etc. By adding such information, you give your employers a chance to read your resume eagerly. This further adds to your chances of walking in for the interview.

How Long Should Be a Cover Letter?

Don’t make a mistake of enhancing or adding unnecessary information in your cover letter. Do you know a cover letter is meant to be a brief summary of the resume, thus, don’t write it for more than one page?

Matching Your Cover Letter to the Job

Make sure that for every job you apply, you must include a different cover letter. Keep in mind that your cover letter clearly reflects the job that you are applying for and if it holds everything that the employer is looking for.

For this, it is important for you to be particular about the skills and qualities you embrace. Furthermore, you must also maintain a balance and show how they can match the requirements of the job or the company.

Take a glimpse of some of the ways that will help you make your cover letter a specific one.
• Determine Who to Address It To

You must be careful as you should not address your letter, ‘to whom it may concern’. Try to find out the name of the concerned person, the one who will actually be reading your job application. Yes, it may be a little time consuming but it is worth doing.

In case you are preparing the cover letter for a job you found through an advertisement, you would probably be provided with the name of the person to whom you have to send the application. And if it is not mentioned, then you may give a call to the employer in order to get the same of the person to whom the application has to be sent.
• Know More About the Job

When you find out to whom you have to address your application to, you may contact that particular person and go ahead with your queries. Doing this, helps you match your cover letter with the job.

You may go ahead and ask for the following:
• If the job allows you to work as a part of the team?
• To whom shall I report once I get the job?
• Can I get to know about the type of person you are in search of?

The answers to these questions may be used as a part of the cover letter you are preparing.
• Learn More About the Company

Next, you need to find more about the organization, so that you can customize your cover letter in accordance with the job you are searching. Here are some of the tips for the same:
• If you are aware of the name of the organization, you may go online to search for the same.
• If the company is running its website, you may visit it.
• If you don’t find any name in the advertisement, just give a call to the recruitment agency and ask about the information.

What Is to Be Included in Your Cover Letter?

Following is the list of the things that you must include as a part of your cover letter.

1. Your Name and Contact Details

The very foremost thing that you have to do is to add your name and other important details (contact details) at the top of your cover letter. Keep in mind that there is no need to include your postal address in the letter. On the other hand, adding the email address and the contact number is a must.

Adding your email address in your cover letter will leave a professional imprint in the minds of your employers. Try to make your email address a very simple one so that it doesn’t frustrate the one who will be sending you an email regarding the job.

2. The Name of the Job You Are Applying For

In the beginning of the cover letter, it is important for you to mention about the job that you are applying for.

Say for example: ‘Regarding: Application for Assistant Sales Manager’.

It is not necessary for you to include it in the initial line. You can add the name of the job that you are applying for in the opening lines of the first paragraph as well.

3. List of Your Relevant Skills

Don’t forget to write the brief summary, reflecting your skills and experiences you have in the field. Make sure you specify the skills that are relevant in terms of the job description you have applied for. Don’t go in for a long, lengthy paragraph, instead, a small list will serve your purpose.

If in case your cover letter is the answer for the job advertisement, it is certain that there may be a proper list of the skills that the candidate must hold. Try and reply to as many items included in the list.

4. Description of Why You Are Right for the Job

Once you have listed the key skills that you hold, you need to mention the reasons explaining why you are fit for the job vacancy. You need to take up a skill and go along how that skill in you will help the organization to improve its productivity.

These are some of the basics that you must know while you prepare your cover letter. Apart from these, if you want to get a perfectly written cover letter, simply avail Assignment Help Sydney services and leave all the work for them to do. If you are a keen writer and want to write it by yourself, take a look at the below-mentioned mistakes that you need to avoid in your cover letter to make it an impressive one.

What are the Mistakes that Need to be Avoided?

The Flaws

Once you have written the cover letter, remember that you have to check the spelling and other grammatical errors in it. If not you, then you may ask anyone (your friend or sibling) to give it a read as it becomes easy for the other person to come out with the mistakes. If you are mentioning the name of the organization, make sure that the spellings of the same are right.

Adding Your Resume in Cover Letter

Many of you think that resume and cover letter are the same and thus, end up copying and pasting the resume as a part of your cover letter. Don’t just repeat the same words as you have used in your resume but try to reform the sentences in a different manner.

Excessive Use of ‘I’

You might have seen the cover letters, which have over use of the word, ‘I’. You need to know that it is not only about you, but it is about the way you can help the employer.

On completing the letter, ensure that you read it carefully and rewrite the sentences that you find are disturbing your eyes.

Avoid these points and you will surely come up with the best cover letter to impress your employer.

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