A Complete Guide on What is a Literature Review

What Actually is a Literature Review?

A literature review is considered to be a written synopsis of the main works and sources related to a particular subject or the topic. The sources that may be encompassed within the review may be some related reports, books, websites, journal articles etc. With the help of literature review, you get a clear explanation and evaluation of every source. The literature review section is presented separately while you are writing your literature assignment.

What is the Purpose of Literature Review?

The main purpose of the literature review is to leave a written imprint of the present research state on a particular topic. This further:

  • Finds out the areas related to prior scholarship
  • Positions each and every source in context of the chosen topic
  • Explains the relation between every source
  • Searches new ways of interpreting the previous research

What are the Components of Literature Review?

Following points must be considered while writing a literature review.

  1. The purpose of the literature review
  2. General idea of the subject of the literature review
  3. Proper and accurate classification of the selected sources
  4. Discussion of both the differences and similarities of every source

What are the Steps Involved in Process of Literature Review?

There are four major steps involved in the groundwork of literature review.

  1. Definition of the subject and the scope of writing the literature review.
  2. Finding out subject oriented catalogs, and other tools to come out with appropriate sources of the topic.
  3. Read and evaluate the sources and regulate their aptness with regard to the understanding of the topic.
  4. Examine, interpret and discuss about the findings and outcomes of the selected sources.
  5. Finally, after conducting all the research you come up to write an outline of literature review.

While evaluating every source, the below-mentioned points must be considered essential. Have a look.

  • What is the know-how of the author in this field?
  • Does the statements of the author supported with relevant evidence (including qualitative and quantitative analysis)?  
  • Is the author biased related to the arguments and the viewpoints?
  • Do the sources chosen show a clear understanding of the subject?

While heading onto an effective literature review, the following tips will turn out to be of great advantage.

  1. Widen Your Search Area

Once you have the research question in hand, begin thinking on it. At max, you will be able to think about it for about 2 weeks and not more than that. Thus, this further makes your study restricted to that particular area. So, there is a need for you to broaden your areas of search so that you are able to get relevant literature sources to work on.

  1. Ensure that You Use Right Keywords

One reason for inappropriate sources coming up in your search is use of incorrect or unrelated keywords. This means that while carrying out the research, you need to make use of clearly defined and targeted keywords.

  1. Explore Relevant Articles in Depth  

A limited list of references may turn out to be of great benefit for you. These reference articles can help you perform a deep research. You don’t need to be selective in this case. Doing this will further enhance your present literature and help in developing your own research query.

  1. Follow Citations of Articles You Find

With the help of citations, the readers are directly shifted on the path of the prior pertinent research in the particular area. Once you have added a reference, you are actually acknowledging the articles that have been used by you as a source.

  1. Ask for Help

Apart from the aforesaid tips, seeking help is one of the best options. There is no need to hesitate or feel shy about. To avail help, begin by considering the library at your school or library. If you are not satisfied, availing literature assignment help from the professional group is the right destination. The experts will guide you to work in the right direction, further helping you in your task.

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