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The word anthropology comes from the Greek "anthro" which means "human" and "logos" which means knowledge.

Anthropology is a biological science that studies human beings comprehensively, in their physical characteristics as animals and in their culture, which would be the only non-biological trait. This science is based on the knowledge and tools provided by natural and social sciences.

The goal of anthropology is to produce knowledge about the human being in various areas, such as their social structures, their biological evolution, their current way of life as well as their evolution over time, their cultural and linguistic expression and many other aspects that characterize the human being. For this, he uses a historical perspective, studying not only the actuality but the evolution of the human being through time.

Assignment Help Website: History of Anthropology

The history of anthropology goes back to the second half of the 19th century. As a result of the diffusion of the theory of evolution (Charles Darwin), a similar theory, which they called social evolutionism, originated in the social sciences, which proposes that just as species evolve from simple organisms to more complex ones, In the same way, human societies and cultures followed the same process until they produced more complex structures.

Areas covered in Anthropology Assignment Help

As in many sciences, anthropology has had to create specialties to focus its studies on particular aspects of specific areas. These specialties gave rise to disciplines that today are considered independent sciences, although very close and in constant relation with anthropology.

We have covered all the main branches of this subject, as well as its sub-branches, with a brief review of the study areas that they cover, as well as some details of each discipline in a general way.

Main branches of Anthropology

Anthropology is divided into several branches that deal with different aspects of human development. We have also presented four branches of anthropology with their different sub-branches that are covered under the assignment help website on which our expert writers can create an assignment for you.


It is also known as biological anthropology. This is a branch of anthropology that studies man in his biological processes, in the same way, that animal biology is studied. This study focuses on the variations or differences between human populations that have lived through time and their distributions in space.

The theoretical basis of this branch of anthropology was in principle the theory of natural selection of Charles Darwin. But in the mid-twentieth century, when deciphering the composition and molecular structure of DNA, the theoretical basis was complemented and deepened, allowing the molecular understanding of the phenotypic variability of organisms, which in turn allowed to understand the evolutionary process through biochemistry. And this understanding led to the analysis of genetic affinities between different organisms, reinforcing the theory of the common ancestor.

Physical anthropology is divided into sub-branches, grouped into two: descriptive and metric.


Descriptive physical anthropology focuses on the comparison and contrast of appearances or non-measurable characters between groups of individuals. Below, some of the sub-themes of anthropology that are part of the descriptive trend:

Forensic anthropology:

It is the application of this science to the legal process. It deals with the identification of corpses and remains, as well as finding out the circumstances of death.


It studies the human body and the relationships it establishes with the environment and culture. It also studies the human structure and its different types of environments where humanity lived.


It is the study of the behavior of non-human primates, their morphology and their genetics. For this study, primatologists use phylogenetic methods to infer the traits that humans share with other primates and define what are definite variations for humans.


It is focused on the study of bones. It scrutinizes bone fossils and infers the characteristic or cultural context of the organism.


It is based on the study of human evolution fossil evidence, chiefly using relics of extinct hominids and other primate species to define morphological and developmental changes in the human lineage, as well as the setting in which human growth happened.


While descriptive physical anthropology focuses on the evaluation and contrast of appearances or non-measurable characters between groups of individuals, the metric specialties study and develop techniques for evaluating the parts of the human body.

The most important areas of study under this are:


This sub-section of anthropology studies the measurements of the body of a man.

A Cultural anthropology:

This sub-branch of anthropology is supported by other sciences such as linguistics, ethnology, ethnography, archaeology and physical anthropology.

From this branch of anthropology, the following disciplines emerge:

  • Urban Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Kinship
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Economic Anthropology
  • Political Anthropology
  • The Archeology
  • Linguistic Anthropology

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